With VincitEAM, you can easily control, plan, and optimise your maintenance based on up-to-date data. It is a mobile-friendly and adaptable system that ensures the right personnel are in the right place at the right time, with the right tools and information.

Implementing VincitEAM is a lightweight process led by our experts. This ensures that the system serves the needs of your operations. The reports and statistics generated by the system help in managing maintenance based on accurate information.

The state of maintenance is ever-changing. Be part of the change.

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Better maintenance, all the time

What level is your maintenance operation at? If your everyday maintenance activities still rely on paper and pen or homemade spreadsheets, VincitEAM brings a whole new level of ease and efficiency to the work. The more advanced your maintenance is, the easier your daily tasks become – and the more your business benefits from improved efficiency.

Manual maintenance

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  • This is the basic level of maintenance.
  • Predictive maintenance is not possible – equipment is repaired when they break down.
  • Maintenance is manual and relies on person-dependent information.
  • Maintenance costs are not predictable, and additional expenses accumulate continuously, mainly due to unnecessary equipment downtime.

Rudimentary digital maintenance

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  • Maintenance is controlled and carried out electronically, but a significant portion of maintenance data is not in an electronic format.
  • System data is not accessible to stakeholders.
  • The actual maintenance work is still largely manual.
  • Predictability of costs and equipment downtime is weak.

Microsoft Excel and similar systems

Basic digital maintenance

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  • Equipment information and related maintenance data and records are available in electronic format.
  • Resource allocation and a substantial part of maintenance are handled electronically.
  • A mobile application speeds up and simplifies employees’ work.
  • Moving to this level already brings predictability and cost savings, and the system can be developed according to business needs.


Advanced maintenance

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  • All employees in the organization have access to digital tools and data tailored to their role.
  • EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) seamlessly integrates with other systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), financial management, and equipment tracking systems.
  • Inventory management and procurement receive up-to-date data from the system.
  • There is potential for significant savings, controlled equipment downtime, and predictable costs.


  • Integrations

Intelligent maintenance

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  • All equipment communicates with each other.
  • Maintenance is highly automated, and the amount of manual work is minimal.
  • Decision-making is data-driven, and real-time situational awareness of maintenance is available.
  • All equipment is integrated into equipment tracking systems.
  • Maintenance comprehensively supports profitable, efficient, and predictable business operations and delivers continuous cost savings.


  • Automation
  • Internet of Things
  • Management by data

Microsoft Excel and similar systems



  • Integrations


  • Automation
  • Internet of Things
  • Management by data

Watch a video on the benefits of modern maintenance!

Manage information to manage maintenance

Equipment maintenance is an essential part of all modern technical environments, from manufacturing to energy production and property maintenance. The benefits of VincitEAM, regardless of the industry or sector, include:

  • Improved productivity and better profit margins for all machinery and equipment investments.
  • Streamlined control and appropriate sizing of maintenance resources.
  • Real-time visibility into the status and progress of tasks.
  • Satisfied and efficient employees who make the right decisions based on the best available information.

Valuable industry-specific benefits

Industrial, infrastructure, and property maintenance

  • More production days.
  • Better equipment utilisation.
  • Fewer unplanned production disruptions.

Energy industry maintenance

  • Flexible execution of maintenance in-house or through partners without the fear of vendor lock-in.
  • Real-time visibility into the condition, status, and costs of investment assets.
  • Effortless implementation of digital services needed for equipment and lifecycle management for your organisation and stakeholders.

Maintenance and service company systems

  • Improving customer service in line with the requirements of modern maintenance.
  • Real-time and centralized management of operations and optimization of task handling.
  • Improving cost efficiency.
  • Promoting risk management and safety.

Equipment and lifecycle services

  • Opportunities to evolve from an equipment supplier to an expert service provider.
  • Effortless access to all necessary planning documentation for maintenance services.
  • Enhancing customer service and additional sales opportunities.
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