Your systems have a new best friend, boosting maintenance performance

In modern networked maintenance, the integration of the maintenance management system with different systems is crucial. By integrating the maintenance system with other systems that drive your company, many time-consuming data entry and transfer processes can be automated, ensuring reliable data movement between different systems.

We carefully plan integrations in collaboration with your maintenance and IT staff. In integrations, we utilise a fault-tolerant, auditable, and easily scalable solution called VincitESB Service Bus.

The integration package includes four services to meet different needs:


  • ERP integrations
  • Financial management integrations
  • Automation and machine monitoring systems
  • External partner systems

ERP integrations

The VincitEAM maintenance system can be integrated with your company’s existing ERP system as needed. ERP integrations enable the automatic transfer of maintenance data and transactions for further processing in your company’s ERP system. We have implemented integrations to commonly used enterprise resource planning systems such as SAP and Dynamics AX. In ERP integrations, we leverage the VincitESB Service Bus technology, ensuring reliable and auditable data transfer between the maintenance system and the ERP system.



Financial management integrations

By integrating VincitEAM with your financial management system, you reduce time-consuming and error-prone manual work while ensuring the availability and processing of data in multiple systems.

Integration of VincitEAM with various financial management systems ensures the automatic posting and transfer of necessary financial transactions to the required systems. These transactions can include, for example, the processing of purchase orders or maintenance technician time entries. We have implemented many complex VincitEAM system integrations with various financial and procurement systems.

Automation and machine monitoring systems

VincitEAM can be effortlessly integrated with various automation and machine monitoring systems. The goal of these integrations can be, for example, to utilise machine runtime data in predictive maintenance or to automatically transfer machine fault status data to the maintenance operations control. Data can also be selectively combined from multiple different systems as needed. Machine monitoring integrations enable the transition to an IoT-type approach and operating model in maintenance operations control.



External partner systems

VincitEAM integration services enable modern networked maintenance by offering the possibility of integration with an external maintenance service provider’s system. The organisation’s own maintenance operations control system can thus be integrated with the maintenance service provider’s own operations control system, allowing the automatic transfer of transaction records made by the external partner to the organisation’s own maintenance operations control system. Through partner integrations, all up-to-date information about the actions performed by an external provider is visible in real-time in a centralised manner in the organisation’s own maintenance operations control system.

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