• The development of VincitEAM begins.


  • Pilots with early-stage customers commence.


  • First customer goes into production.
  • Active sales efforts begin, and new contracts are signed.


  • Pilot with Atria goes into production.
  • Contracts with all Atria factories in Finland.


  • Full-scale implementation at all Atria sites.
  • Contracts with Caverion, Pohjolan Voima, HSY.
  • Several production deployments.


  • Acquisition of several new customers: Lumon, Raisio Group, Okmetic.
  • Caverion user count exceeds 800 individuals.


  • Continued investment in product development.
  • Investment in growth.

Our core values define the environment in which we want to work.


We respect our own work and that of our colleagues.
We respect shared values and rules.
We respect our customers and their needs.


Customers can trust us because we trust each other. We don’t overpromise and we keep our commitments.
We trust that everyone acts with good intentions.
We trust that mistakes are not punished – they are opportunities to learn.


Together, we know, understand, and achieve more than alone.
You can go fast alone, but you can go far together, internally and with our customers.
Success is a team effort, and the best team wins.

M-Files on huippuluokan dokumentinhallintajärjestelmä, joka toimii VincitEAM:in taustalla.

VincitEAM powered by M-Files

M-Files is a top-notch document management system that powers VincitEAM. VincitEAM and M-Files enable full intelligent content management capabilities for document and workflow management.

Vincit Solutions Oy is part of the Vincit group.

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