Maintenance is mobile work. It requires mobile tools.

A maintenance system should serve its users and seamlessly integrate with other production tasks. With VincitEAM, you:

  • Easily update information for everyone’s access.
  • Maintain a journal.
  • Create fault reports.
  • Record maintenance and work orders.

In the midst of daily tasks, recording information “on the go” is effortless with the user-friendly mobile app and voice recognition. The mobile app also allows users to attach photos to fault reports, for example. When recording and using the system are enjoyable, data remains up-to-date, and with the mobile app, it’s always at your fingertips, regardless of your location.

With VincitEAM, it’s easy to plan production downtimes and necessary maintenance activities as efficiently as possible. VincitEAM identifies both corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance based on both the calendar and usage. Efficient planning of maintenance tasks and schedules can minimise production downtime in terms of duration and frequency.

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Supported by M-Files documentation and search

VincitEAM offers extensive capabilities for document management, search, and versioning using the M-Files platform solution. Top-notch document management ensures that essential information is readily available, directly from the same screens where daily maintenance operations take place.

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