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The adoption and daily utilisation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system entail numerous processes and procedures, each of which creates significant operational value for the maintenance organisation. Important considerations in using the system include which functionalities are being used and to what extent, as well as whether the enterprise’s operational processes adhere to the latest best practices in the industry. Additionally, adapting processes to fit the system or, conversely, customising the system to align with the operations can be a complex and challenging undertaking.

In cases like those mentioned above, it is wise to critically evaluate processes and, when necessary, seek the guidance of an expert. VincitEAM experts collectively have decades of experience in building maintenance management solutions for different industries. We have designed consulting services that focus on maintenance management to support clients in times of change and maximise the benefits of their maintenance system investment throughout the system’s lifecycle.

Initial situation assessment

This service is designed for maintenance organisations that are considering or have already begun renewing their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The service provides answers to questions such as “what functionalities do I need from the new system?” and “do I need to change existing operating models due to the new system?”

In the initial situation assessment service, guided by a Vincit Solutions consultant, the current state of the maintenance organisation’s processes and operations is examined to prepare for a future or ongoing system investment. The service uses a comprehensive questionnaire to assess the compatibility of maintenance processes with the new system and the target state for maintenance management. The service efficiently reduces the risks associated with a system change project and helps avoid last-minute changes and ambiguities.

System utilisation assessment

The system utilisation assessment service is intended for VincitEAM customers who want to maximise the benefits of all functionalities of the maintenance system in their operations.

The system utilisation assessment service is aimed at organisations that have already been using VincitEAM for some time and aim to maximise the utilisation of all system functionalities in support of maintenance. The service assesses the current state and target state of system utilisation through a questionnaire and provides a customised solution proposal based on this information, such as changes or extensions to the system’s usage. The service can easily identify bottlenecks restricting usage or untapped system functionalities.

Process consulting

Are preventive maintenance processes compliant with the latest standards? Are procurement processes designed to best support maintenance operations?

Process consulting focuses on improving one aspect of maintenance at a time. Examples of services reviewed in process consulting include preventive maintenance, inventory management, or procurement processes. The service examines the current state of operations control, related processes, and potential problems in the specific area being studied. The result of the service is a solution proposal, which may include recommendations for changing system usage methods or improving data quality used in operations control.

New features introduction service

This service is aimed at VincitEAM customers who want to hear about the latest system features tailored to their industry and use cases.

The new features introduction service is designed for VincitEAM customers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest functionalities and changes in the system, specifically tailored to their industry and use cases. The service, presented by an EAM consultant, reviews new functionalities and changes that have been introduced in VincitEAM during a selected time frame. The service helps maintenance organisations fully leverage the latest features of the system and its ongoing development.

Guided implementation of a VincitEAM add-on or extension

This service is intended to support organisations using the VincitEAM system that want to expand the system usage to new areas or functionalities in a supported manner.

VincitEAM includes several modules designed to meet specific business needs, such as a Web extension, a GANTT work scheduling application, or inventory management functionalities. The service includes the definition, consulting, and training for the implementation of the additional module. The service helps VincitEAM users to utilise the new module from day one, reducing the risk of usage errors, for example.

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