Versatile data services for maintenance needs

Operational maintenance involves a vast amount of diverse data that is stored and processed in the maintenance management system. This data serves as a fundamental unit within the system, ensuring seamless collaboration between practical processes and digital operations management. Additionally, this data serves as the foundation for future predictive analytics and machine learning in maintenance. Therefore, attention to the quantity, quality, and accuracy of data is crucial as part of the system transition and operational activities.

At VincitEAM, we understand the requirements and challenges of data-driven future maintenance. That’s why we offer our customers services related to maintenance data management and development as part of our offering.

Data migrations

We provide all data transfers of basic maintenance data and historical data from your previous system to VincitEAM. Our data migration service is designed for customers who value risk-free, efficient data migration with industry-specific expertise as part of the system transition project.

Data migration services include necessary one-time data transfers, for example, in the context of system migration or other investments. We offer data migrations on a turnkey basis, where the customer’s responsibility is limited to participation in definitions and reviews, as well as validation of the end result.

We also handle complex conversions, such as changes to preventive maintenance or equipment hierarchy structures.

Data quality management services

Maintenance systems often contain a significant amount of outdated, erroneous, or redundant data. Poor-quality data has been shown to increase inefficiency, and visibility into operations diminishes.

We offer services to improve and harmonise data quality, either as part of data migrations or as separate projects. With this service, various data quality issues, such as duplicates or scattered values, can be efficiently identified and resolved.

We have tools for data profiling and manipulation, as well as decades of experience in maintenance processes and data enhancement.

Reporting and data-driven support

We offer data consultancy, KPI metric definition, and custom data implementations to support maintenance reporting. This service accelerates the transition to modern maintenance reporting and ensures the utilisation of metrics that suit your specific business needs as part of maintenance control.

VincitEAM includes a separate reporting database as standard, making it easy to access the necessary data models for reporting tools like PowerBI, Qlik, or Tableau. In addition to standard models, we can provide custom data implementations tailored to your business and KPI metrics.

We plan data implementations and KPI metric reporting together with the customer and flexibly implement them in both on-premises and cloud environments.

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