Comprehensive maintenance overview

With VincitEAM, maintenance always has a comprehensive and reliable view of the activities of different units and the status of ongoing tasks.

The planning of maintenance tasks is made easier with the graphical VincitEAM Gantt tool. VincitEAM Gantt allows scheduling and resource allocation for jobs and tasks in a visual and user-friendly interface, using simple drag-and-drop techniques.

VincitEAM brings together work orders, preventive maintenance, fault reports, and diary entries, providing production and maintenance with a continuously updated situational view.

Maintenance at the right time

In VincitEAM, predictive maintenance can be based on calendar time, usage, condition, or various combinations of these factors. Measurements recorded with the mobile app on maintenance routes can also be used for guidance.

Furthermore, VincitEAM can be integrated to read measurements from an external source, such as an automation system. When maintenance tasks and schedules are efficiently planned, the duration and frequency of production downtimes can be minimised.

M-Files document management system

The M-Files document management system behind VincitEAM provides real-time access to all documents and information related to any maintenance object. Additionally, document version history is readily available.

In VincitEAM, the maintained equipment and objects are always presented hierarchically, making it easy to access locations, devices, and related information by browsing the hierarchy. In addition to instructions and other documents, VincitEAM contains spare part names, inventory information, and spare part management. Inventory entries can be linked to the procurement process, ensuring that when inventory decreases, a purchase proposal is generated to prevent the stock balance from falling below the agreed-upon level.

Mobile support in the field

All functions are available through the VincitEAM mobile app, allowing users to work location-independently. Recording information “on the go” during tasks is straightforward with the user-friendly mobile app and its voice recognition capabilities.

  • The mobile app also enables users to attach photos, for instance, to fault reports.
  • Searching for items under maintenance using the mobile app is made easy.
  • In addition to various written search criteria, users can utilise line or QR codes and text recognition from device nameplates, for example.

When recording and using the system are enjoyable, data remains up-to-date, and with the mobile app, it’s always at your fingertips, regardless of your location.

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